Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Mission
• To propagate and promote love for the cow and its virtues.
• To make cow-protection a people's movement.
• To work for the protection and conservation of cow.
• To campaign against the cruelty to cow and its progeny
Our activities
• Helpline: We run a helpline where citizens can call to inform about sick or stray cows and calves, in the area.
• Transportation: In association with volunteers, we arrange to bring the cattle to the campus.
• Care: We care for the stray, ill-nourished and helpless cows by providing them food, shelter and medical facilities.
Come&join in our mission and make it yours too!!

This is what you can do…..
• Express your love for cow
• Propagate the virtues of cow
• Donate to Gaushalas
• Adopt a cow & pay for its upkeep
• Visit a Goshala for regular Goseva yourself
• Inform us if you see a sick cow or cruelty to cow or its progeny

• we maintain no of cows at our “Gaushala” (Cowshed, Cow Barn) a place where cows are being kept & look after systematically. Our “Gaushala” has about 1200 cows. These cows are feeded with nourishing and protein, vitamin rich foods. They have been regularly examined by veterinary doctors & treated accordingly. The cow is considered as a sacred & holy animal in Hindu religious. We worship cows on various occasions.

• Donations for Gaushala
• The Donations given for Gaushala is considered very holy and Socially appreciated. The Person who donates the Cow in Gaushala does a great service towards the human.
• First of all the Cow is saved from going to slotter house. Secondly once it starts giving milk the milk is offered to God & gets blessings. The same milk being given to patients, Saints or needy who gives Hearty blessings.
• The Cow urine is useful for making Ayurvadic medicines. Which makes human being a healthy one. The Cow dunk is used as fertilizer in farming which land more fertile.
• If the Cow delivers a male then it is useful in bullock cart useful in farming and female Cow gives milk after maturity.
• Thus “Gaushala” has lots of advantages & benefits. We request you to participate in this work as shown below.

Chief Functionary Tel.No. (O) 07453-230321
Mob. : 91+94141 91131

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